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Postby julie » Thu Sep 05, 2002 5:21 pm

Hi Natalie<br><br>I can't remember when you are back is it this week or next? How was France and what is your news was it positive or negative???? I cheated and tested on day 12 and got a positive. Five tests later it was still telling me positive so the clinic let me go in early for my blood test and yes I am pregnant. It's really hard to write this not knowing whether you are too but please know I have everything crossed for you. It doesn't seem real at the moment and I am having mad panics about miscarriages but my scan in on 16th to see how many - perhaps it will be seem more real then.<br>Let me know how you got on as soon as you get back - remember I had everything crossed for you.<br><br>Julie xx
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Postby Natalie » Thu Sep 12, 2002 7:42 am

Firstly a huge caongratulations to you Julie, I am so happy for you I bet you are over the moon. Sadly for us it was a negative and despite preparing myself for this we are totally heartbroken. Our holiday was lovely and I suppose it was nice to have a drink, friends came out to see us and were very sweet.<br><br>Anyway I'll keep this short good luck with your pregnancy.<br><br>Love Natalie x
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