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Post by cheekymonkey » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:06 pm

Noodle - Have you heard when your ET is yet, or have you posted and I missed it?? Oh well if I have missed it then I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and let you know that I am sending lots of baby dust your way for a BFP!!!! Good Luck!

Vicky77 - Well it is not that long now till your scan! Just one more week to go, I bet you are so excited!! I bet you can't wait to see your little embie snuggling in for the next 8 months!!

Nicola - I am still so happy for you, I am not surprised you can't stop smiling!!! When have you got to have your bloodwork done!!! cant wait to see those numbers to see how many there might be in there!!!! I don't blame you for going to Baby Gap, I think I would be the same!! You just enjoy it girl!!!

Suzhan - What are you like finding all these websites!!! LOL I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear your official numbers!! PS what happened with the earthquake?

Jovigal - I am sending you lots of wishes and praying for a BFP for you, try not to feel too down, there have been lots of women on this thread who have thought AF was coming and have ended up with BFP's!! I am sending lots of sticky baby dust your way and am thinking of you!!

Mia - Wow, I did not realise that you and sassy are doing FET next year!! How come? I think that I have to do it because I have produced too many follies but how come you have to? That would be great if we are cycling together next year, it will be nice to have some familiar people around!! How is your stimming going? any idea when your retrieval will be yet? Good luck anyway, and could you update me to Egg Retrieval Tuesday 5th Dec!! Thanks.

CasyP - Congratulations on your BFP!!!!!!!! I hope that you have a fantastic 8 months!!!

To everyone else I have missed I am very sorry, but as you all know you are always in my thoughts and I am sending lots of baby dust you way as usual!!

I am having EC tomorrow and so I will be back on as soon as I can to let you all know how it went!! Thanks for all of your support up till now, you have all been fantastic and helped me get to this point!! Thank You :D

Take Care
Cheeky Monkey :shock: (that is how I feel, ready to burst!!!)
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Post by nictor » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:44 pm

hey my friends how are you?

Well its officiall,IM clinic takes anything over 50 as a def pregnancy,my numbers was 324!!!

She said too early to tell if twins,could just be one healthy strong baby..We go for our scan Fri 22 officially 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant...

Will post later,we're off to Dereks mum and dads to tell them

Love as Always..Nicola..xx

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Post by M'BA » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:52 pm

Good Morning!

Had my first scan on Friday---all looked good. We have one beanie growing :D So thrilled!!! Go in this Friday to see the heartbeat...can't wait.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!
Keeping the faith!
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Post by meg12 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:50 pm

Congrats to the give me hope!

Just got the official call--my beta was -1, so I'm not pregnant. But, she said if I start my period before this Thursday, then I can do FET this month still. If not, I have to wait til January.

So I need an AF please start dance!!! (How crazy that I want it to start after 4 years of crying every time it did!!!!)

Happy Monday to all!


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Post by Dory » Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:51 pm

I just want to thank all you wonderful ladies for you kind words of support....

I thought when i got told that i couldn't have children of my own i would be a blubbering wreak, but surprisingly, i'm not as bad as i thought i would be...

I think maybe it's because we have a plan and there is still something to look forward too...Plus we have probably got more of a chance of adopt an infant child if not a baby, than we have, having a child of our own, and knowing that is keeping me going.............

As i have said before, you are all very couragous and amazing people to go through all of this. i admire you all so much, especailly the ladies that go through it again and again and again to get there dream, YOU ARE EXCEPTIONALLY STRONGWILLED AND INCREDIBLE WOMEN!!!!!!!!

I AM SO VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to congratulate all the very lucky ladies who got a BFP, while i have been around. It is amazing how many of you are over half way there, if not ready to drop or have had you beautiful baby. It has flown by so quickly.

To all you BFN, you are in my heart and prayers, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP You will all be blessed one way or another.

I'm not going away for ever, but i need some time away from having babies on the brain, i need to rebuild myself, ready for our next big feat...

I wish you all loads of luck for the future and pray you all get the BFP's you all so deserve.

Take care
Love and huge hugs to you all...
Rachel OXO
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Post by noodle » Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:21 pm

sorry cannot do personals now. just got the call, ET today, Mon 12-4 at 2PM. we have 3 nice embies 2, grade 1, 8 cell and 1 grade 2, 8 cell, then the other is a 3 cell. they are completing a marker test just to be safe though. i'm so thrilled and excited and nervous. it's amazing to think that most of the women on this site have been through the exact thing, time, situation and emotion....amazing! PMA, PMA bringing my embies home to nestle in! yeah.
8-) ME 37/ DH 34 TTC 8 yearsIUI 2, IVF 2, M/C 9w 1/07 BFP while waiting to start July 07 cycle

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Post by sassynlv » Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:28 pm

Dory: You sound like you are in a good place right now. Hope you take some time off for yourself. Best of luck for you on adoption.

meg12: I am so sorry to hear of your bfn :cry: . But glad that you have a chance to cycle right away (for me i find it helpful). So, you have a big-time jiggy AF dance comin' your way....go AF!! Image

m'ba: congrats on your good scan! Looking forward to your HB results on Fri

Nictor: CONGRATS!!! So happy for your BFP!!!

Cheeky: EC tomorrow, right? It has been a real long haul for you, glad you are finally there! As for Mia and I cycling in jan...all of my ferts will be frozen immed, and then i have another fresh cycle scheduled for Jan (and probably one more in march). I have poor quality embryos, so RE hoping to get about 20 ferts and then thaw to blast all at once, FET a few of the best lookin' ones (which means they will look like dh.. :lol: lol). This new protocol is working well for me, so keeping my fingers crossed that i only have one more fresh in jan...

Suzhan: Beta today, right? Looking forward to your results...and yeah, what happened w/earthquake??

Casy: Fantastic!!! Very happy for your BFP!

Rochelle: you asked about 3 or 5 dt. My only ET was a 5d (which is mostly what my RE does), so don't know much about 3d. For me, 5d is the way to go, as bc of PGD we know that our embryos that stop growing have been complex abnl.

Mia: so yeah, not sure how i got put on the '7am' track this cycle (maybe bc I started so late?? Anyway I would pay to see you ask everyone in the waiting room.... btw, aren't niece/nephew-induced nicknames the best???

d7 us was good today. I have 17 follies growing (much more than in the past) and sizing 11-17mm. Cool 8) . As i have a few that just started growing, RE now saying possibly back to sat instead of fri for ER. Don't really care (except sharing w/Mia would be cool...), whatever will get me as many follies as possible!
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Post by M'BA » Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:44 pm


Best of luck on your new journey. You amaze me, and I am SO proud of you!! Take care of yourself, and jump in to say hi when you feel up to it :wink: ! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Cheers to a new wonderful journey!!! :D
Keeping the faith!
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Post by sassynlv » Mon Dec 04, 2006 6:00 pm

Noodle...missed yours while i was posting... congrats on your ET. Everything crossed for you!!
6 fresh IVFs plus one cancelation
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Post by cinders101 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 8:00 pm

Cheekey: Good luck on your Egg collection..hope they get lots!!

Nictor: Congratulations!! I'm so glad things worked out for you.

MBA: That's great about your scan. Good luck on next weeks!!

Rachel: Good luck to you. You sound like you have a great PMA!!

Noodle: Good luck on your tranfer today!! Get plenty of rest so they can nuzzle in!!

Suzhan: Could today go any slower?? I can't wait to hear my numbers!!

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Post by HOLLY SANDERSON » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:07 pm

I think its over for me I am spotting 11 days past et.I am also on progesteron pessaries which are not helping. :cry:

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Post by cinders101 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:34 pm

Holly: Don't give up hope. Sometimes spotting is normal.

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Post by suzhan » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:32 am

Well, it's official. I got the news at work a couple of hours ago but finally got home so I could post. We're so excited, I can hardly believe it. All day I kept thinking something might go wrong, even though the hpt was positive. And, yes, Cindy, the day felt like it would go on forever! I knew they wouldn't call until after 3 p.m. but every time I looked at the clock, it seemed like it hadn't even moved!

Beta's were: 9dpt3dt - 45 and 11dpt3day - 127. They look for doubling and mine almost tripled, so they said it was strong. What do you think, are these okay?

I can't wait for DH to get home so we can call our folks. They're the only people who know we've been through this again and they've been on pins and needles too - - especially since we had so many problems with this cycle. All I can say is that we truly were given a miracle.

My first scan is 12/27!

Oh, and the earthquake was a small one - 2.7 - but it was very close to where we live so it felt bigger to me!

Cindy - I can't wait to see your post!

Thanks to you ladies for the pma when I was down - I just know it helped me get through the last few days of the 2ww!

xoxoxo and good luck to all the ladies on this board!
- suzhan

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Post by hopeful-in-LV » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:07 am

Wooohooo! Suzhan, I'm thrilled for you! You so deserve this. Congrats!!

Casy, Congrats on your BFP!! I'm so happy for you!

Congrats on your BFP!! Wow looks like we'll be finnishing the 2ww list with lot's of good news!

don't give up! Keep up the PMA, it's not over yet. Spotting is very normal during the 2ww. :)

Noodle, I hope ET went well. Sticky baby dust all the way!

I'm so sorry your #s dropped. Best of luck with your FET. I pray it will be a strong BFP next time!

M'BA, congrats on your 1st scan. Things look very good!

I'm doing a special December rate. The embies must be frozen and an FET done. My clinic is doing it for me at a big discount. I believe it's actually a study they're doing. There's quite a bit of research that goes on at my clinic, so it's not a surprise to me. Sassy goes to the same clinic, but her RE has her on a special protocol just for her.

excellent numbers! Congrats!

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Post by hopeful-in-LV » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:25 am

Image List Update...

November Girls Image Image Image
AKA Oct/Nov/Dec Girls

Our group calendar:

Blessed with a BFP!! Image Image Image

Casy P - ER 11/17, ET 11/20, PG test 12/04
cinders101 - ER 11/20, ET 11/23, PG test 12/04 (HPT++)
Suzhan - ET 11/23, PG test 12/4 (HPT++)
Nicola (nictor) - PG test 12/5 (HPT++)
Jill (jsm7502) - ET 11/11, PG test 11/27
wannababy- ET 11/16, PG test 11/27
Wendy (wendy30) - ET11/11, test 20/11
angellica - ET 11/10, PG test 11/24
ss - ET 11/11, PG test 11/23
M'BA - ER 11/9, ET 11/12, PG test 11/22
KF’06 - ET 11/9, PG test 11/21
ellie (elliecat) - ET 11/10, PG test 11/21
anyaf - ER 11/08, PG test 11/20
vicky77 - ET 11/7, PG test 11/20
pcosgirl - Is it really true??

BFN or MC Image
You are in our thoughts and Prayers

Serena Anne - PG test 12/02
Rachel (Dory) - FET on 11/17, PG test 12/01
meg12 - ET 11/18, PG test 11/28 LFP, sadly HCG# dropped :(
SarahV - ET 11/14, PG test 11/24, LFP Beta 11/28, sadly HCG #s dropped :(
quiana - ET 11/15, PG test?
Karla (kiwi1107us) - PG test 11/29, AF came 11/25 :(
Kristen (Bubby101) - ET 11/12, PG test 11/21
Janice (bigwhitehapydog) - ET 11/6, PG test 11/20
beachbaby - FET 10/31, 1st beta 11/13 LFP!! , 2nd 11/15 Low HCG :(
Kelly (k-rose) - ET 11/6, PG test 11/16
Tonia (jordan22) - ET 11/7, pg test 11/15
Jeck - 10/16 test, BFP! Sadly MC on 10/26 :(

Two Week Wait Image Image Image
Image Sticky baby dust for all Image

Rochelle - PG test 12/05 WELCOME!! Image
sita - FET 11/16 or 17, PG test 12/04
jamieandduane - ET 11/2, PG test??
skidoo - ET 11/26, PG test 12/5
Jovigal - PG test 12/6
Angie65 - PG test?? WELCOME!! Image
MYNALA - ER 11/7, ET?, PG test?
Dawn80 - PG test 11/17 ?

Egg Retrieval-Embryo Transfer Image

noodle - ER 12/1, ET 12/4 or 5
cheekymonkey - 11/16 start. ER 12/05, ET?
wisconsingal - Nov ER, sadly no embies to transfer

Stimming Image

Mia (hopeful-in-LV) Start 11/25. Estimated ER 12/08
sassynlv - Start 11/26. Estimated ER 12/09

Downregging Image

Claire - Stims?
joanne n dave - Started lucky Friday the 13th (stims?)
Susan (gbnut) - Nov FET

Starting Cycle - TBD Image

Saxony - Start IVF process Oct/Nov ?
Lisa - FET in Nov
Amy (AMD) - FET Nov/Dec ?
sugarmama - Nov/Dec IVF ?
Erin (Fed7281) - Jan/Feb Cycle!

PM me to make corrections or add new info. Thanks! Image

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