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Newbie here

Postby JacJac » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:33 am

Hi everyone

wish I had found you guys before! Just finished my first cycle, but didn't get the embryo implanted as I got OHSS, though I'm getting better.

I'm 41, this is my first go at IVF so the whole process has been a bit scary. My hubby is 42. we have been trying to fall pregnant since we got married in April 05.

I got OHSS, partly because the Dr increased the injection stuff as he thought with my history (stage 4/5 endometrosis) and age, I would need it to produce the eggs. I reacted unexpectedly well to the hormones. Good news is they got 12 eggs from it, bad news I got OHSS (which is scary and painful).

I found this place when I was looking for details on OHSS so I new what was happening.

So they couldn't implant the embryo until next month which is disappointing. I'm grateful though, out of the 12 eggs, 9 fertilised and & were able to be frozen, so its a good outcome, no matter about the pain.

I think I'm still all emotional because of the hormones as I just stopped to have a cry as I wrote this (though maybe thats a cop out and it just because this is a hard and scary thing to do, and I feel alone with all of this)

sorry for raving so long
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Postby sassynlv » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:58 am

jacjac: welcome to the board! I am sorry about the OHSS, but congrats on the 9 frozen, that is very good! I wish there was something i could say to help you feel better. i can relate to the hormone-induced emotionality. it made me sad to hear that you feel alone in this. I can also relate to that, but i hope that you can find some friends and support on this board who really understand what you have been/and are going through. It is hard when we don't have people in our lives that have shared IF as a struggle and have a difficult time understanding our pain, and especially the hormone swings.

I am hoping for you that you can do a FET next month. We would love to have you join us on the Dec/Jan thread in the General Forum. There is a great group of girls, some of which will also be transferring w/ you next month. We would love the company!!!

in the meantime, hang in there!
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Postby JacJac » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:32 am

Sorry if I caused the wrong idea, the ampersand should have been a 7, so that was 7 frozen.

Thanks Sassy in Lv. So hope I can join you in JAn
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Postby AuntyPebbles » Sun Dec 03, 2006 4:05 am

Hi JacJac...a big welcome
aww im sorry your feeling alone trust me you will find over the next few weeks just how part of a huge family you are there are so many of us and for lots of different reasons but we are all in this together
your not over emotional or wrong its ok to cry not only has your body been through so much your emotions have taken a beating too trust me we all do it ...it really does take us so much emotional strength to embark on the whole infertility journey that to be told you wont be doing a transfer must have been so devestating
now the good news is FET is fantastic i have cycled with so many ladys that like you had to have a full freeze and they all got BFP'S so its worth the wait
i hope your feeling better has your OHSS settled down i know i had a mild case last time and it knocked me for 6...

welcome again...hugs Aunty
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