Too many questions.Need answers.Please help me!

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Too many questions.Need answers.Please help me!

Post by Anie » Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:37 am

Hi.I'm from UK, east london.
Me and my husband are thinkg going for ivf but don't know where to start.
I saw on this website that there is a clinc near by where i live but then again i've read that many people go abroad because it's cheaper.

My first question is:should we go to this clinc to get informations or should we see the GP first?

Secondly: does it really work out cheaper abroad if you include flight+accomodations,etc?

Please help me with these information and please feel free to give us any advice.

Thank you very much in advance to everybody who replies.
Anie :) Me 32, DH 34
1st IVF : Aug/07 - 6eggs but no fertilization :(
2nd ICSI: Oct/07 - test:22/Nov=BFN :(
3th ICSI: July/08; Testing:5th Sept-BFP :D


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Post by MissSunshine » Fri Mar 23, 2007 10:10 pm

Hello, Its taken about 3 and a half years to get here,I finished my IVF cycle last week and am awaiting results..
which is quick as a lot of people have to wait so long, it just seems unfair.. anyway back to your question..!
I can tell you what happened to me.
I went to my GP and told him that i had been trying for two years and nothing had happened, I was worried and both me and my partner were desperate to start a family.
I was then referred to Whittengton hospital where i had 4 attempts at IUI. Failed all 4 so was then referred to IVF Hammersmith.
I have seen that they do have prices for those who are private, but thank the lord I am NHS and its been great. The doctors and Nurses at both hospitals have just been amazing..and deserve medals galore for having to put up with hormonal women!!
I hope this helps.. and good luck! :)
31 years young, 4 attempts at IUI failed now on my first Cycle of IVF.

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