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3 eggs

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3 eggs

Postby baby2 » Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:18 am

Hello- has anyone had a transfer when they put in 3 eggs? and did they all take? :)
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Postby Anne Marie » Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:41 pm

Hi Baby2,
I am currently in my second IVF cycle. I transferred 3 embryos. All were at the 8 cell stage and all have a perfect rating of 1. I was a bit leary about doing this, but due to my age, (I'm 39, going on 40 in Sept) I decided to go ahead and take the chance. Advanced maternal age plays a role in pregnancy success. I just had my first U/S and they found 2 sacs and we were able to see both fetal hearbeats. I'm a bit guarded because I know that there is a thing called Vanishing Twin. There is a chance (about 40%) that I can lose one. I'm delighted that this worked, but at the same time, at 6 weeks, its still a bit early for us to celebrate. After 12 weeks (first trimester) maybe i'll be able to breathe, but until then, I'm being cautious. What is your status with IVF? Is this your first time? Age?
Good Luck..hope to hear from you.
Anne Marie
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IVF #2- 15 embies retrieved, 11 fertilized, 3 (8cell, rating=1) transferred
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Anne Marie
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Postby loopie » Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:59 pm

hi baby2

Dh and i were trying to decide 2 or 3 3day embryos, but when the day came, there were just 3 pretty good ones, and in lieu of freezing just 1, we went for all 3 with the doc's consultation, and my instinct. I was really ok with the idea of twins, so 3 was a good bet, and, like AnnMarie, I am 39-40 in Oct, so being a bit more aggressive was ok.
I am now 9wks with a BFP singleton!! - anything can happen in there- a woman on our oct mommies sight put in 4 and has 5!!!!!!!!!! (one embie split, so she'll have 2 idents in there)

good luck to you


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