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Finally I'm online

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Finally I'm online

Postby BichonMom » Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:12 pm

I am so excited!! I was down to my last email address (3 all together) to register with this site. :roll: I tried emailing the admin and nothing so thank goodness this worked!!

Anyway, Hi, I'm Erin and the mommy of 2 bichon frise furbabies, who I just adore!!! I just finished my first IVF cycle last month and it ended with a BFN. It was really fast and the most stressful thing I had to do in my life!! I was never put on BC, right after we got the go ahead for using DH sperm, AF came, and they start me on injections. I really wasn't prepared and I wish I was out on this site during the process b/c I think it would have helped.

Anyway, it's in the past and I am here now. DH and I are figuring out when we want to do another fresh cycle to see if we can bank more frosties and hopefully be more prepared this time around. We also need to wait and see what is left on my insurance to make sure we have the $$ to cover it. So, expensive!!!

I have been out on the site stalking and am looking forward to joining

Babydust to all!!
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