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I am so new at this! Here is my story

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I am so new at this! Here is my story

Postby JA » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:31 pm

Hey everyone! I am going on Thursday for our required class to begin our in vitro process. My story: I suprisingly became pregnant 2.5 years ago. I was a social lite and not yet married to my husband, so it was alittle hard to accept. After a few weeks I grew to love the idea of starting a family. I ended up miscarrying just at 13 weeks. So depressing. Ever since we have been ttc and nothing. Emotionally it has been so tough for me. I went for months crying, months of just trying to get it out of my head and being depressed. I found it so hard to even make love to my husband without thinking that maybe this will be the time that we become pregnant. I just cant let it go. Well we finally did 1 failed round of IUI it was like pulling teeth for my husband because he thinks that it will happen naturally. So now we are on our way for In vitro. I am all for it since I have tested my patience and am sooo ready to be a mamma. But my husband gets so angry about it (he did agree to it though) he really thinks it will just happen and it drives me crazy. Anyone with some advice or similiar stories
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Postby nickster » Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:07 pm

Hey JA..I just replied to your pm and then found this post afterwards.
Like I said in the pm, we just had a miscarriage, which of course was a huge loss for us. We have been ttc for about 6 years and are so far unexplained infertility except some mild endo and MTHFR (which I take meds for). We have done numerous IUI's that were all a BFN and done IVF twice (the first was a BFN). So even though I hate when people say "I know what your going through" (because 99% of the time they don't), I think I can say I know where your coming from. I never realized how hard a miscarriage could be, especially when you have so much trouble conceiving afterward.
So have you had all the routine "infertility" testing yet (blockage, sperm count, etc.)? I know you got pregnant naturally before so I'm not sure if they would do all that or not.
I hope your hubby comes around to the IFV idea since you have your heart set on it. It sounds like since it happened before, he just assumes it will happen again, which it may or may not. But that's the hardest part and what I hate the most about infertility is that it's so uncertain. I always say if someone would just tell me, in 5 years you'll have a baby, I would be completely fine. But you just don't know. It just sucks.
Well I'll quit rambling but if you ever need to talk I'm on here or you can e-mail me at nickster0903@hotmail.com
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