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just getting started, IUI recommended

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just getting started, IUI recommended

Postby Julianna » Wed May 21, 2008 5:42 pm


My husband was married before and they were not able to conceive, My OBGYN suggested we test him first before TTC so we would not be disappointed if something irregular came up. 6 months later, and after two semen analysis we were recommended to try IUI as he has borderline amorphous sperm shape analysis. He does have a decent percentage of normal sperm so I am hoping we are still okay.

Anyway, I am going to first fertility dr's appointment next week, what should I expect? Will they likely move forward with IUI right away? How many IUI's does one go through before moving on to advanced treatments like IVF?

Any advice to the newbie is appreciated.
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Postby chelly180 » Wed May 21, 2008 7:21 pm

my DH was fine and I have unexplained infertility and was not ovulating properly...we tried Femara for almost a year and was still unable to conceive.
My RE recommended IUI or IVF, he said we were good candidates for either. The reason we chose IVF was to better control the chance of multiples...with IUI there is a chance of multiples if you have several follicles (think kate & jon plus 8!). Also, the percentage of pregnancy/birth was higher with IVF at my clinic. From what I have seen on this board, there are ladies who have gone through several uncessful IUI cycles, and we decided to go straight to IVF to better our outcome. But there are some who have conceived via IUI though.
I think the decision will be based on your RE's recommendations and cost factor.
I responded well to the stimms and got a BFP on my 1st IVF cycle; I am currently 6 weeks and waiting to confirm the pregnancy with ultrasound next week.
Good luck making your decision!
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