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Help please, I need advice, a Newbie to IVF

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Help please, I need advice, a Newbie to IVF

Postby deedee1 » Wed May 21, 2008 7:28 pm

Hi there, I hope someone can help me out there!. I'm currently going through my very first cycle of IVF - I am a 34 year old (relatively) healthy woman. I'm on day 8 of 150mg of Puragon and 75mg of Luveris. I've had my first monitoring scan today and my consultant told me that I had 23 follicles (although small) - 14 in one ovary and 9 in the other. She seemed to think that this may cause OHSS and that the cycle might have to be halted for a month. I've researched this on the internet and the info seems to contradict this - 20 to 25 follicles should be the optimum amount!. Can anyone help me understand this - I don't want to worry unnecessarily but also want to be realistic if there's a possibility of the transfer not happening this month. The doctor also told me to try and stop producing follicles!!(she was joking). Can they still be produced at this stage in my cycle?
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Postby Dexter » Thu May 22, 2008 12:55 pm

Hi there,

I produced about 26 follicles and all went well, in fact got my BFP from that bunch and produced 22 eggs. Yes you are at higher risk of OHSS with greater follicles but as long as you have careful monitoring you should be OK. I never over stimulated, but was in mild pain after ER as some of the follicles proved hard to get to. Mine were slow to develop though and took around 14 days of stimulation drugs before reaching optimum maturity. I was on 225 Puregon.

Hope it all continues to go well for you.

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Postby deedee1 » Thu May 22, 2008 9:00 pm

Hi Dexter, thanks for that. My doctor also told me that my follicles were quite small and put forward my ER by 1 day. I'm on 150 Puregon and have my final scan tomorrow so I'm praying that no more follicles are produced.
Hopefully I'll be ready for ER on Tuesday.

How are things progressing for you?

PS, may sound silly but what does BFP stand for? 'm completely new to this game.
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