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PCOS & Assisted Hatching

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PCOS & Assisted Hatching

Postby smiles2IVF » Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:02 pm

Hello Everyone!!! :lol: Please anyone who has PCOS and did AH with IVF and it came out BFP tell me your stories....I'm so worried b\c I have PCOS that I won't get pregnant...I have never been pregnant but want it so so bad.I'm 29 and going for IVF in july for the first time....I had 3 failed IUI's and clomid didn't work for me...I'm on metformin right now I'm afraid of OHHS and so is my DR....My husband also has slow mobility so they will be doing ICSI...IS AH worth the extra $$1000.00 will it give me more of a chance to be a mother that I so badly want...ANY HELP would be great..... :shock:
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Postby Gennessa » Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:40 pm

Hi - I read your posting and I thought of myself. I to have done 5 IUI's and clomid and nothing. I am border line PCOS my hormone level is right but I had tons of cysts. Anyways I just did IVF 1st time. It was not bad. I mean it was pretty much the same as the IUI's same drugs but the end is different the egg ret was not bad at all I had little cramping but no spotting nothing I was able to go back to work on day two. I had a five day transfer and was on best rest for two days but I took an extra day to be onthe safe side. And I just found out I am pg. I had my first beta test and it was 137 and my sec today but I have not gotten the results back. I did do the AH and my dr. seems to think that it was worth it. We paid the extra as I was not sure I wanted to to this again and will do whatever it takes. I can tell you that for me the metfomin really did not help at all it just made me sick to my stomach alot. Thank goodness I am off that now.

Any ways good luck to you and think positivly. It does work and for me it was not that bad more os an inconvienve with all the shots but very little pain.
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