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Everyone deserves the chance to have a baby!

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Do you think that it's time our goverment got involved in this growing disease?

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Everyone deserves the chance to have a baby!

Postby Tcushy » Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:03 pm

I have been trying for many years to start a family. I had a terrible accident many years ago, which left me with too much scar tissue and crushed too many organs for me to have my own child. A random accident inevitably took away my god given right to be able to pro create. To have my own baby. To hear the word “mommy”. To look my baby in his/her eyes and see my husband. To watch my children grow and to create with them a life time filled with memories. To know that I am a mom. All the dreams that come naturally to most, not only cost me my life savings, but an even greater toll; an emotional roller coaster that will probably never end.

There is a petition that is being circulated by a couple of different people who would like to make changes in the laws that govern who can and cannot afford to have a chance to conceive. Everyone deserves a chance to have a child! I am one of those people now.

Here is the petition that I have written. I am hoping that you will not only take the time to read it, but to briefly post the photo and link onto your site, so others will take the call to action and help us to fight infertility!
Sign the petition and make your vote count!

We prefer that you tell your “friends”, they do not have to make a donation, to make an impact. Simply sign the petition.

Every vote counts and every story will be heard on Capitol Hill!

www.ipetitions.com/petition/infertility ... index.html
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