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Endocrinology / Thyroid - Please help

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Endocrinology / Thyroid - Please help

Postby RebeccaT » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:26 pm

Hi All!

First time in...just completed first IVF round (hopefully the last!).

History - I have a 4-year old son conceived naturally, 3 miscarriages in past 5 years.

Trying for 3 years, 3 failed AI and 12-15 cycles of clomid/injectibles.

Here is the status...

I had 2 Grade 1 Embryos, (my practice grades on a scale from 1-5, 1 being the best, one was a 6-cell and one was an 8-cell) implanted on Saturday.

Pregnancy test is July 9!

My concern is for Thyroid levels. Mine were last checked in January, and my doc is not testing again, despite my request.

My recent research is showing that TSH levels may have a huge impact on the miscarriage rates, and since I've had 3, this is worth looking into, right?

Today I have called my ART dept and my OB/GYN, and neither see the need to order the TSH Thyroid tests.

Should I be concerned...and what does everyone advise?
Thank you!
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