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2nd IVF cycle question

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2nd IVF cycle question

Postby ras » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:56 pm

I did my first IVF cycle and it ended in a blighted Ovum. Here are the details
1) Standard Lupron protocol
2) Used bravelle and menopur
3) Last period May 29th
4) May 23 egg retrieval
5) May 28th date of transfer got 2 good embryos
6) July 1st Blighted Ovum
7) July 22 did an D & C
8) July 23rd began BCP
9) Aug 8th told to stop BCP
10) Aug 11th Begin ganirelix: protocol

My question is that after may 9th no periods. Dr says it’s ok as he is working of the estrogen levels. Has anyone the same experience or any comments welcome
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