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Starting the next phase of our family... (everything ment)

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Starting the next phase of our family... (everything ment)

Postby Colleywobbles30 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:34 pm

Hi ...

My name is Amanda and I just turned 30, my husband is Matt, soon to be 32. A little about me, I have PCOS and was referred to an RE in 2002 when my DH and I wanted to start a family. Found a GREAT Dr who started me on Clomid ( it did nothing) then we did a round of Gonal-F and "timed intercourse" where DH was deathly ill and needelss to say the cycle was a bust. I was devastated and felt as if we'd never have success, we didn't have a lot of money and my insurance didn't cover anything except the ultrasounds and bloodwork. In early 2003 our Dr donated a cycle or Follistim and we went with an IUI -- BFP. We found out early on we were expecting twins, we were beyond thrilled. Sadly at 21w3d into the pregnancy I went into preterm labor and my babies were born much too soon. Both babies passed away at 2 hours of age. :(

I didn't know if I could ever find the strength to have another child but somehow we ended up back with our RE and exactly 6 months to the day of the twins death we found out we were pregnant again. (another follistim and IUI cycle). We were pregnant with twins again but one of the babies stopped growing around 8 weeks -- pregnancy went well, I had a lot of vaginal ultrasounds to keep an eye on my cervix and did end up going on bedrest at 24 weeks due to shortning - developed GDB BUT at 37w3d my beautiful baby girl was born healthy. She will soon be 4 --

Dh got a new job last year and to my surprise our injectables are COVERED, I took this as a "sign" and DH and I have decided to jump back on the wagon and try for #2 I'm here to ease back into the process, make new friends and offer support any way I can.
Amanda (30) DH Matt (32)

2 Angels in Heaven ( 8/12/2003)
DD Teagan 10/03/2004

TTC #2 within the next year or so.....
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