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First dip of the toe

Postby MandyF » Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:00 am

Hi there,

I'm new to Dubai - just a few weeks :)

Having found scant info on the internet I thought I would ask if anyone could advise which fertility clinics are the best to try here. My husband and I are about to go down this road after trying naturally.

If anyone could guide me on what sort of questions I should ask of clinics, it'd be very much appreciated, as I haven't got much of a clue where to start to be honest.

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Postby shantala » Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:18 pm

hi mandy and welcome to the board!!

unfortunately i cant help out with clinics in dubai but here are a few things you could ask:

- success rates (but dont get too hung up on those)...its just as a general guide.

- detail on the treatment (not that this matters but i think its useful to know what to expect)

- cost! (for obvious reasons....in the UK clinic to clinic varies quite a bit)

- how often you have to attend the clinic (so you can plan in advance how you can fit this in with other commitments such as work, hobbies, etc)

- their procedure on freezing embryos and a frozen transfer (just in case you get a BFN first time round or if you get a BFP, for any siblings)

thats just some of the questions i can think of at the top of my head...my clinic had an induction evening we had to attend which flags up a lot of initial questions and answers. it may be worth seeing if they have something like that.

anywya, this board is great for any questions, concerns you may have. there's an "awaiting treatment" thread on the general forum that you may want to join....whichever thread(s) you join, all ladies (and gents) are lovely on here!!!

best of luck and lots of sticky baby dust!!!

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