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Being introduced to IVF after whirlwind

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Being introduced to IVF after whirlwind

Postby nflower » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:13 am

Have now had two ectopic pregnancies....one on each side. Had surgery on right side on the 8/20, and now on Methotrexate awaiting everything to clear out. HCG still at 4100, and finally getting over this whole ectopic scare.

Doctors have referred me to specialist, as now have a 50% chance of having a third ectopic. My partner and I have met with Dr. Mukherjee at RMA in New York, and though very positive experience, I feel more lost now than before.

So many questions on this whole IVF front, never thought this would be the path I would have to head down to have a baby. (but suppose everyone feels that way)

Has anyone had ectopic history, and had success with IVF? I also hear that there is still a chance of having an ectopic with IVF? How can I ensure to get away from this IVF curse?

I feel so lost, and confused.....all my friends are having babies the natural way. I just feel like I am all alone in this....it comforts me to read others posts and know that I am not alone in this journey.

I would love to hear positive or not positive stories about others experience in this adventure.

Thank you,
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IVF after Whilrwind

Postby babyhope1 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:36 pm

You are not alone and I have heard that IVF is very successful and is very useful for this very reason...eptopics and tubal issues. I didn't know it was repatitive thing but rather a fluke. Reading hte post it sounded like you lost both tubes. My firend lost one tube and still got prego and had a baby before me! I am starting IVF and it seems that next week they go in to do a test run where they measure your uterus so that doesn't happen...also I would think there wasn't thick enough lining for embryos to implant in the tubes time and time again. Anyway, by practicing or doing this catheder check they are measuring that they get them in the right location for implantation so you shouldnt' worry about it, if you are talk to your doctor!!! I wouldn't do GIFT or ZIFT where they try to get the fertilization in the tubes, then again I doubt they recomend that.
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