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just stopping in

Postby amfmbaby » Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:49 am

I am anxious and worried that in my last post i didn't tell much about us I am 28 and my dh is 31 we live in illinois ttc for 3years have had unprotected sex for 7 years and nothing never worried dh was opening a company of his own and i stayed obsessed with work that i let the time pass with no worries i got plenty of time nothings wrong but then as we know wonder kicks in so i decided to see ob/gyn and just have blood work everything came back normal ob recommends dh have sperm count low 3 million morphology and motility normal got appointment with RE and had all testing done for me blocked tube and scar tissue had laprascopy and d&C earlier this month everything is ready to go for ivf according to RE skipped all other options and just laid it on us RE who does'nt know me very well i hate meds not the shots i don't worry about the pain just the med in any form mainly fearful of side effects has been this way since i can remember i have to force myself to take antibiotics asprin etc.. today is the first day of shots for us and i made through it guess getting over the fear is one of many steps involved im not hip to most of the lingo in here what is bfn, bfp, and fet if there are any hints words of wisdom that might help out please let me know nothing is to small i need all the help i can get just following RE and feeling blind i wish everyone luck and keeping all in my thoughts and prayers [/quote][/list]
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Postby wishfull27 » Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:25 am

Hi afmbaby !

If you go on to the general forum there is a thread there that tells you what all the abbrevaiatins are :D

BFN - big fat negative :cry:
BFP - positive test :D :D
FET - frozedn embryo transfer

I too had an aversion to needles - that soon goes though - good luck with your cycle and wishing you a BFP :D

carolyn x
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