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ivf in return for egg donation

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Postby angelaezra » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:56 pm

Hello Karen,

I am not sure if I am answering your question properly but if you are asking about the IVF process here goes. The first thing that my doc did was to regulate my menstrual cycle by using birth control pills but every doc is different. Next, I started Lupron (used to ensure that my ovaries did not ovulate before they were ready to retrieve the eggs). Lupron made me feel as though I was going through menopause (hot flashes, mood swings, and severe headaches at times). Remember, in between treatments I also had to undergo ultrasounds to ensure my body was responding correctly. Next, I started Follistim (GNT), which is stimulating medications used to stimulate my ovaries to produce several follicles. In between injecting GNTs I had to undergo ultrasounds and blood test to make sure my ovaries were not over stimulated or not stimulated enough, then they would call that evening and either adjust or keep my injection for that night at the same dose. Then, I was finally ready for ER (they retrieved 11) and 7 progressed to the blastocyst stage, which is sometimes preferred by docs because the embryologist can better choose which embryos will most likely resulted in a successful pregnancy. Then is the hard part, 2 week waiting game to see if you have a BFP.

1 miscarriage 2002 (nat)
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1st IVF 10/08-BFP twins/misc-6 1/2 wks & stillbirth 21 wks
2nd FET 6/09-BFN
3rd IVF 2010-April-BFP - DD born 12/7/10

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