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Postby monthbymonth » Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:52 pm

Hi...just thought I would add my story...I was just surfing the web trying to find an online support group for infertility. I have had 10 IUI's. Two months ago I had an early miscarriage so atleast I know I can get pregant although it may have been a chemical pregnancy. I am taking Femera and Gonal F injections. I just had an IUI done this week. If this doesn't work I have to decide to keep trying a couple more IUIs or go right to IVF...quite a decision to make as there is quite a comparison of money but this rollercoaster ride is really causing depression in me as well as my marriage so maybe it would be worth the money when our health is involved..Just wondered if anyone else had a similar situation...
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Postby catlady » Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:16 pm

Sorry to hear of your situation. I know money is a concern of everyone when dealing with infertility. Many insurances don't provide any coverage of such procedures. However, my specialist advised me & my DH that after 4 failed IUI's, the chances of it working are next to zero & we would be wasting money that could be used in procedures with better success rates. We spent more money for the 4 IUI cycles than for the drugs for an IVF cycle. This is our first attempt, but I feel more secure about it working than I ever did with IUI.
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