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Ruptured appendix-irreparable damage

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Ruptured appendix-irreparable damage

Postby Scout33 » Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:47 am

Hi everyone:

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since August 2007.

We are both age 34.

This past November, I underwent a laparascopy after my final dose of Clomid failed.

The Lap revealed irreparable damage (extensive tubal adhesions) from a ruptured appendix I sustained at age 7.

Neither my subsequent primary-care docs nor my prior OBGYNS told me this was a possibility. Only my infertility OBGYN told me this could be an issue at the outset of my treatment. So, you can imagine I was pretty shell shocked.

In addition, I had a biochemical miscarriage in September, and both my younger sisters are pregnant.

I'm really hoping there's someone out there who has my medical history (ruptured appendix-irreparable damage).

Somedays, I wish my parents had let me die when I was seven because this hurts so much. . .

And, I'm so angry at the pediatrician who failed to even associate stomach pain with appendicitis.

Is there anyone out there who can relate?

I feel so isolated . . .
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Postby JennLB25 » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:04 pm


I haven't had a ruptured appendix, but I am also 34 and was told in October that when they did a lap on me they discovered I had extensive tubal adhesions and a blocked tube. They removed my tubes on October 8th. It's still hard to deal with 3 months later. My little sister has an 8 month old son (and up until last year, she NEVER wanted kids). So I know how that feels as well. At this point my life has changed. Even BD'ing with DH is different. We had 11 years of hoping that each month would be "the" month and we'd get pg. Now there is no hope of that. I will never get pg on my own without medical intervention. I've gone through a period where I didn't want DH to touch me. I felt defective, and BD'ing was (after 11 years) just a means to an end, getting pg. And now that there was no hope of that, BD'ing held no appeal to me. I know I shouldn't have felt that way, but I did.

This is a very emotional rollercoaster that we are all on. Please know that you can vent to us anytime. You have women here who kind of know (with the exception of the appendix) how you are feeling.

I know it's hard to believe, but after the initial shock of it all, the pain of not getting pg on your own does diminish. I'm not saying that it goes away completely, but you can still go on and for the most part be pretty happy.

I pray God gives you peace during this time and strength to go on.
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Re: Ruptured appendix-irreparable damage

Postby MoxieRow » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:03 am

I can definately relate. My appendix ruptured at age 11 and my pediatrician didn't figure out what it was either. He actually sent me home from the emergency room on the first night we went in. My mother took me back in the next morning and he refused to admit me. He told my mom I was just being a "difficult child" and that it was just gas. She refused to leave and had to throw a fit to get me admitted. I laid in a hospital bed for 9 days and almost died. The doctor that took over my case on day 9 and did the surgeries told my mom he didn't think I would make it. I have never been the same since it happened. I have had countless surgeries for adhesion, had my right ovary & tube removed at 16, gallbladder removed, diagnosed with Colitis, problems with gerd/acid reflux around age 11, nerve damage, pelvic floor muscle damage/pelvic floor tension myalgia, chronic abdominal pain, kidney pain/frequent UTI's/kidney stones/interstitial cystits, fallopian tube crushed in adhesions & last summer I thought a cyst ruptured, so we went to the ER, only to find out that my uterus couldn't carry the weight of the adhesions anymore and collapsed-folding over on top of itslef...so it's kind upside down now. I also just found out that they think I have PCOS...I find out in a few weeks. :|
I have been married for a little over 5 years now and we have been wanting to concieve for about 2 years. My older sister is also pregnant at the moment with her second child. She got pregnant on the first try with her first one, and the second only took 4 months. I am very happy for them, but it breaks my heart a little. Sorry my story is so long, I have just never found anyone else like me! I have kind of looked around for others, but with no luck. I know I didn't give you any good answers, I really wish I had some. The best thing that ever happened to me though was an adhesion specialist/pelvic floor specialist at the Mayo Clinic. I finally got some answers as to why things were so bad.
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Re: Ruptured appendix-irreparable damage

Postby pyreena » Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:30 am

What happens when you go to get your appendix removed? I might have to go get my appendix removed in a day or so depending on what happens. I was just wondering what its like to get Your appendix removed from the people who have experienced it.
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