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Postby 76pif » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:36 am

I am from Romania and I am writing to you to tell you the problems that people form my country, suffering of infertility, are having. Our state does not consider infertility a dissease and does not support the cost, not even partially and we need to struggle with the sistem.
We are a group of initiative, called "SOS Infertility", we have sent petitions even to the European Parlement, to specify our problem.
Almost countries in the UE are supporting the cost for more cycles of treatment for IUI and IVF, Romania is also a member of UE, but from this point of vue, it is not.
I am writing at this forum to ask you some support, we want to contact associations or groups of initiative form countries from UE, we want to contact them for advice and guidance.
Please, if you know such associations, we are waiting for an answer!
Thank you very much!
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