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Just Started IVF Cycle

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Just Started IVF Cycle

Postby sll » Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:31 pm

Hi All

I just started IVF Cylce 1/30/09. I am excited and nervous :)
31yrs husband 32 yrs.
Started with Bravelle, then increased to Bravelle am, menapur (pm). Blood & Ultrasound on Wed. to check levels. So far injections have been fine. Started off a little painful, then applied ice prior to injection to numb site. Works great.

Not sure how many embryo's to insert. Agreed to 3, now considering 2. How do you decide? We would like to increase chances of having twins.

Any tips/suggestions for relation/stress relievers. Sometimes I worry and feel overwhelmed. Full time Student and Full time employed. Not too many side affects from meds. Just sleepy.
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