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Hello I am new here

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Hello I am new here

Postby *Destiny* » Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:31 pm


My name is Destiny. Let me start off by telling you my story. I am 24 yrs old and enaged to Chris who is 29. We have been together now going on 7 yrs. He has a daughter Sierra who is 12. Spring of 07 was a great time for me planning our wedding, in Sept 07 I went for a routine pap swear. And to my suprise they find a mass. She says its as large as a 24 week pregnancy. And sends me off for an ultrasound. Anyway, weeks and weeks went by after going to the Oncologist to make sure it wasn't malignant and all the other necessary tests and Dr.'s to see I finally have surgery. Oct 07 I had a laparotomy/cyst removal. During the surgery the saw that I have endometriosis. They removed a 18cm cyst from my left ovary and also reconstructed my left fallopian tube as it was adherndt to the side wall of my uterus. I had a hsg done in Dec 07 which came back to show that there was no flow throught the left tube and minimal flow through the right. From there I left to get myself healthy taking YAZ bc to treat the endometriosis. My Dr. ref me to a RE. I put off that appointment for emtional reasons. In the meantime 6 months after taking bc I stop as I decided we need to see if we can TTC natuarally. No such luck.

Ok so Jan 09. Again going to have a routine pap swear, which is a little over due as I was scared from the last one. Everything went well. I also spoke with the Dr. about having a Infertitlity consult with him. He read my op report and findings and says that I need very agressive treatment and would need to see someone else. He then refs me to another Dr. I call the new dr and try to schedule an appt. Much to my surprise they don't take my ins ( do they take any ins no ) lol. So I said thank you anyway and went on about my day. About 15 min later, the Dr. Herself calls me and says I know I don't take your ins, but I would like to offer you a consult free of charge. Of course I agreed. This is an amazing oppurtunity for me. So my fiancee and I go to our infertility consultation, having a great talk and visit of our history and she decides to do the ultrasound. So we do a vaginal ultrasound and come to find out there is another mass, this one 10cm and on my right ovary. Also my fallopian tubes are dialated to about 5 cm each. She tells me I am going to need surgery and refs back to the other Dr. So I just had a laproscopy on the 3rd and just healing now. They put blocks on my fallopian tubes so when they fill with fluid it cannot get into my uterus and cause any problems. Since we are definantly looking at IVF if we ever want to have a child of our own. Also, she informs me that when they removed the cyst in 07 (different dr, different hospital) they actually removed my left ovary.

:? Big deep breath......

So as you can see I have been through hell and back and am now ready to live a happy healthy pain free life. But I am still missing one thing, a baby to call our own. Thats my only want in life and I have to fulfill it.

In about 6 weeks I will go back to the Dr. to talk to her about our future. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Postby bdantonio » Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:54 pm

take lots of notes
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Postby Kas101 » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:00 pm

The good news is you are young and that will work in your favour for the IVF - tthe second good news is that there are many ladies who do IVF successfully who have tube issues (blocked tubes, tied tubes etc, in my case they were so bad they removed them) and ladies who have had endometriosis, so do not worry too much.

I would ask them to explain the whole process step by step and give you a good timetable and explain any costs that might not be covered by your insurance... I would also do your own research, and any questions you have, someone on here will be able to answer them and never be afraid to ask,

good luck,
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