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looking for people who had bfp from iui's

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looking for people who had bfp from iui's

Postby bellabug » Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:14 pm

I'm going for my 5th iui on saturday and I just wanted to hear from people who have gotten preg. or know of someone getting pregnant from doing iui's. I'm so glad that i found this web site it has already helped me feel better about a rough situation. I am fortunate in some ways the doctors knew that I was going to have problems ttc so very little time was wasted . Does the shots make anyone else a little off? I go for my pregnancy test on feb. 28th. i can only hope, even if it does come back + i'm still going to very nervous due to having a m/c at 7 1/2 weeks last aug. Just reading stories and writing to people seems to help alot
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