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Hello from another new girl.

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Hello from another new girl.

Postby Kushka » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:07 pm

Hello everyone!

This is all rather new to me but I just wanted to reach out to people out there who I guess might be going through similar things. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for four years without even a flicker of success. We're both 37 now. We were told that we had unexplained infertility and did two rounds of IUI (but no success). We were advised to move on to IVF so that's what we're now doing. I have a hysterogram (?) tomorrow which I'm terrified about - I know it's probably not going to be that bad but I had a bad experience with the IUI so I guess I'm over-worried by these things now.

I'm sort of looking forward to getting on with IVF but, to be honest, I feel really tired of this whole infertility thing (even though we haven't even started the IVF yet!). I find it so infuriating that what others seem to do so effortlessly has caused us so much sadness and disappointment and is about to cost us so much money (I haven't even asked anyone how much we're going to have to pay!!). I'm also worried about getting out of work to have the treatment (I hate the thought of having to tell work what we're doing) and I'm turning into a really bad friend (can't even find it in me to be nice to my 'millions' of friends who seem to all be on their 3rd or 4th baby!).

Anyway, I know I'm moaning so I'll stop now, but just wondered if there's anyone out there who shares any of these feelings and who has any wise words.

Thanks to you all.
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Postby CT_Michele » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:44 pm

kushka- you are definitely not alone and you have found the right place for support. I have been on this website for a long time now, and I see many women trying to deal with failed attempts and then mixed feelings about how everyone else in the world seems to be oregnant and it happens so easy for them.

You should browse the different sections here and you will find lots of people in the same situation. Once you know your cycle schedule, head over to the ivf section and find yourself some cycle buddies....you will meet some fantastic people that way who will be able to support you and provide valuable info during this tough journey. Good luck with everything!
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Postby bdantonio » Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:12 pm

i know eactly what you mean i was 20 when i found out i would need infertility treatments or not have kids. All my firends were either having oops or on their second oops. I always was so proud that i waited till marriage then was like what i did everything right got married had a houe money the whole nine and at 20yrs old you are telling me i have to fight for my god given right as a woemn. It sucked and i was pissed.
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