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Postby reachdenise » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:44 pm

My name is Denise & I'm preparing for my first IVF cycle. Just started the BCP & injections begin on 6/15.

I'm interested in other women's experience with the hormones & medications taken prior to extraction/transfer. Side effects, etc.

I have a beautiful, 4 year old daughter whom I conceived with no problem at all. The first month we tried to get pregnant, we got her : )

In the past 18 months, however, I have had an ectopic pregnancy in the right tube and emergency surgery to remove it, a miscarriage at 9 weeks & another ectopic in the left tube with a subsequent surgery. So I am tubeless, thus, trying IVF as a last resort.

How are you all? I am happy to be here to encourage and support the women in this forum. I know most of us have been through a lot of heartache.

Thank you,
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Postby angelaezra » Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:26 pm

Welcome Denise,

I noticed no one else replied to you so I want to take the liberty to possibly answer some questions for you.

I went through a fresh egg transfer last year and a frozen egg transfer last week. I became pregnant with twins on the first try but I experienced vanishing twin syndrome early and lost the first one at 5 weeks. I then carried my daughter Ashley until 20 weeks and discovered she passed away at our u/s to determine her sex. But, I know she would still be alive if I had adequate OB care. So as you can see IVF does work. I too have had an ectopic pregnancy and several miscarriages and lost a tube but I do still have the other one.

The medications were ok for me. I was first put on BCP, which I didn't like because they caused headaches but I eventually got used to it. Next, I was placed on Lupron (I noticed quickly it is better to inject it at night so my headaches occurred as I was going to sleep). I also had night sweats with the Lupron. Next, was the gonadatropins (stims), which were ok for me also. I will have to admit my ovaries were a little uncomfortable during the stimming process but I just wore loose clothing, which helped. The egg retrieval went well with 12 embryos and 7 made it to the blast stage. I transferred 2 fresh embryos the first time and only 1 during my last frozen transfer. Which leads me to now, I m currently waiting to find out if my FET worked on Monday 6/8.

I wish you good luck in IVF procedure.

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1 ectopic pregnancy 2006 (nat)
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2nd FET 6/09-BFN
3rd IVF 2010-April-BFP - DD born 12/7/10

Lost Ashley Nicole Thomas at 21 weeks
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