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not quite new but it has been awhile

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not quite new but it has been awhile

Postby kellyeatc » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:56 pm

Hi there,
I had IVF 3 years ago which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I spent a few years being bummed and am now just 5 days away from FET. I hope my little embryos have enjoyed their 3 year cold storage and are ready to work their magic for me.

I have asked my doctor to transfer 3 due to an increase in my age and their possible decline in viability. I think he is hesitant but will oblige. I am not eager for a multiple pregnancy but after all the shots and meds, I will take any pregnancy with a blessing.

I am a bit nervous. Trying to stay calm and expect my FET to be succesful but am anxious nonetheless. I guess I know that $$ will limit my options for trying this again in the future.

I have given up caffiene and alchohol and have been staying active but not overexerting myself. I usually work out to relieve my stress but don't want to over do it this close to the transfer, so, someone throw me some brilliant piece of advice that magically settles my nerves!! No pressure but come on now!

Good luck to all through their journey!
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