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Postby jennymag28 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:35 am

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum.Me and my husband have been TTC for 6 years.Was on clomid for a few months but everything in vain.My doctor suggested Lap as I complained about pain while taking clomid.Had my LAP in Mar 09' and found that my tubes were blocked and had to remove both my tubes.I felt like my whole life has come to an end.Tried to come out of it and I did in May '09.Started IVF in June,had my ER on Jul 5th and ET on 10th a five day transfer.7 eggs were retreived and only 2 fertilized.And had the 2 ET but both did not reach the blastocyst stage,was a day early.So after 1ww my results were negative.I am starting my 2nd ivf cycle mid august and hoping to get positive results.I feel very frustrated, disappointed and stressed out.Planning to start acupuncture from next week.Will keep it posted thru my 2nd cycle.
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