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Here i go again

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Here i go again

Postby will » Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:15 pm

here is my story me and my partner have been trying to conceive for 8yrs now. We have had 4 attempts at IUI which all failed and 1 try of ICSI IVF back in 2005 which also failed. The thing is after numerous tests the doctors have never found any reasons why we weren't able to have our much wanted baby.
I was heart broken when our only attempt at IVF failed in 2005 and the doctors suggested for my own health that i should leave treatment for a while. This was to give me time to come to terms with things and to give my body a rest after 5 years of different treatments. Also the IVF was free on the NHS and we where told that if we where willing to wait we could get a 2nd try free on the NHS.
So that is what we did and i gradually built myself back up and got on with my life, every few month we received a letter to go back only to be told that the funds still hadn't come in and we would have to wait. Anyway that is how we lived till May last year which was really weird as we had a hospital app to c about starting IVF and if the funds had come in. The same day i had a job interview which i really hoped i got as i had been redundant for 6mth. Well it was good news i got the job and the go ahead for IVF but both weren't till the Sept08. It was a really hard decision but i canceled IVF because i didn't want to go through all the heartache and everything right when i was starting a new job. I think also that i had convinced myself that i wasn't meant to have a baby and we both talked about adopting later on in a few years. So we both put wanting a baby to the back of our minds. I started Uni last Sept08 doing a Foundation Degree and i eventually want to become a teacher. I finished my first year in May of this year. In March i missed a period, and in April at the begining i had a very light bleed and another at the end of April. Then in May i had really bad stomach cramps like period pain but no period, i was like this all through May but never had a period. Any it got to the 3 June and still no period, as you can imagine i thought that i was pregnant on the 4th of June i came home from work feeling really unwell and went to bed. I woke up later on in total agony and pouring with sweat my partner didn't know what to do so he phoned an ambulance. The did a preg test which was neg, and a further 3 and an ultrasound scan all neg

Anyway to cut a long story short they found a cyst on my left ovary measuring 2.5cm and one on my right ovary through an internal scan i was in hospital for 4 days . For them to find this out they sent me home with pain killers and told me to go to my GP and ask for a Gyno reff. Which i got straight away as they where worried about Ovarian Cancer to as it runs in the family.
The Gyno requested a Laproscopy with a biopsy.
I had this done on the 30thjune 09, they found that i have left side adhesions between my bowel and pelvic side wall. Both my tubes are free and full length, they found 3 spots of Endometriosis less 0.5 mms in the vessel fold. Both my ovaries are Polycystic. Right ovary 1cm size Fibrous tissue Fibroma old corpus luteum. Procedure that they carried out Adhesiolysis of left bowel to pelvic wall adhesion.
I have a follow up on the 8thsep09 to discuss all this, the only thing that i can remember the doc telling me when i came round is that i can have children and she could help me the rest is a blur.
Sorry its such i long post but i really need some answers hope someone can help.
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Postby angeinhull » Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:59 am


It sounds like you have hada really hard time through all this.I am so sorry things have been like this for you.

I don't really know any situations like yours so have no real advice. I hope you get some answers at your follow up appointment. It may be worth having some counselling which will be on NHS I believe, quite a few people say this really helps.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope september gives some answers and a way to move on.Please keep us posted.

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