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Need CCRM Success Stories

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Need CCRM Success Stories

Postby stillhoping » Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:45 pm

Hello, I am new to this board and I am in deep need of encouragement from any woman with DOR (decreased ovarian reserve) and high FSH who have successfully gotten pregnant with their own eggs through IVF with ICSI- preferably a first time mom as I have never been pregnant before. My husband is 51 and I am soon to turn 41. I married late in life and did not start trying to conceive until close to age 40. My husband and I married nearly a year ago, and we decided to spend the first 6 months of our marriage trying naturally, hoping for success, as I have never tried before, and had no reason to believe I would have any problems, aside from advanced age, of course. Shortly after we married, I had day 3 labs done at my local clinic, and my FSH was a 6.9. Also, I had a good number of follicles. We decided to try naturally for 6 months, encouraged that perhaps we could pregnant on our own without intervention. My husband had a vasectomy reversed several years ago, and although he has a low sperm count, the RE said there was still a chance we could conceive on our own. Well, the story goes like this: We tried for 6 months with the help of ovulation predictor kits, and every month, I got my period right on time. No pregnancy. So, at the beginning of this past August, we returned to the local clinic to repeat day 3 labs. My follicle count was fair, with a total count of 11, and the doctor said I could start the stim meds within the next several weeks. I got ecxcited, as they showed me on a calendar my projected date of pregnancy. Then, several hours later, my phone rang, and my entire world turned upside down. The coordinator called to report she had "very bad news", as my FSH had risen to a horrifying 17, and I was no longer a canditate for IVF. The told me to consider donor eggs or adoption. I cried my eyes out for a week, before taking matters into my own hands, and seeking a second opinion. So, my husband and I drove to New York city for a second opinion last week, where we repeated my day 3 labs. This doctor was MUCH more liberal, and said he would NEVER turn a woman away as he believes everyone deserves a chance, if they desire, to try with their own eggs. However after doing the ultrasound, he found fewer follicles than my home clinic had found- with a total count of only 6 follicles this time instead of 11. He said these numbers do tend to fluctuate, but he had hoped to see more follicles, comparable to the number the other clinic reported the prior month. Ironically, my FSH had dropped back down to a 6, which is a fantastic number, but my previous month was a 17, and nothing can change that fact- once the FSH goes up, it indicates DOR, even if the FSH drops down again, there is no escaping the higher number. The second doctor, being more liberal than the first, said he is happy to treat me with IVF, but my chances of a live birth are only 8% given the fact that I have a low follicle count and a past high FSH. I did some heavy research, and discovered that CCRM (Colorado Center for Rep. Medicine) has the highest success rates for women with DOR and high FSH in the over age group who still want to use their own eggs, according to SART's national report. So, I made an appointment to do a phone consult with Dr. Surrey, and now I must forward my records a seek a third opinion. I have to wait 3 weeks for this phone consult, and as you can probably undertsand, the waiting and waiting is pure hell. I am eager for any encouragement I can gather from a woman who has had success with IVF using her OWN EGGS, in spite of a high FSH and low follicle count. Please, only share success stories, as I have heard enough of the negative outcomes, and I am clinging to any hope I can find during this waiting period. Thank you!!!
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