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Can't hardly wait for my IVF cycle!

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Can't hardly wait for my IVF cycle!

Postby adoptivemommieof2 » Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:49 am

Hey there ladies!

I am 25 yr old adoptive mother of 2. I foster large sibling sets and currently have a sibling set of 4 that are likely to go adoption as well. We have decided that we are willing to adopt them. There is just one thing missing to our hope of a large family.

We are planning an IVF cycle for March/April. We just had our consult with our doctor and got our price sheet from them.

We are thrilled for this new journey we will be starting and hope it ends with a successful birth of one or two babies :).

We stopped all infertility treatments when we started foster care in march 2007.

I'm looking forward to communicating with other women going through the same thing. I'm hoping that this time around I won't be so devistated with a BFN (in the event that it happens) because I have already been blessed in so many other ways. This will complete our journey of building a family, no matter the outcome. With that, I will feel a sense of peace :)

Thanks for letting me introduce myself and I look forward to meeting other women like myself :)
25 yr old Adoptive mother of 2
Foster mother of 4 (possible adoption)
PCOS diagnosis age 15
6 previous IUI's in 2007
2 documented M/c in 2004
Hubby 31 yrs old
Low morphology/motility
Good count
IVF cycle in March/April
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