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Happy to be back!!

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Happy to be back!!

Postby LisaB75 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:06 pm

Hello everyone! I was very active on these message boards back in 2006, at which time I was going through my first IVF cycle. I am happy to report it was a success and my daughter will be 3 next month! I have been busy the past 3 years. I actually got pregnant naturally (first time ever) in 2008, only to find out it was ectopic. I am now officially fallopian tubeless - which is for the best. Those things gave me nothing but headaches! So IVF is my only chance at having another child. DH and I are thinking about going another round this winter/spring. I was so lucky the first time that I keep thinking there is no way it will work right away the second time... right? This site is wonderful... it got me through that IVF cycle back in 2006. I even made a dear friend that I still keep in touch with though she lives a few states away (i am in US). I am excited to be back,, and scared to death as well! Would love to talk with any of you - I am more than willing to share my experiences and offer any advice I can to help you get through this. Also would love to hear from anyone that had more than one successful cycle that resulted in live births. I hear my chances are good since it worked the first time around but I am 4 years older and also had a lot of scarring from a c-section. I'm trying to stay guarded I guess. Anyway, enough about me. Looking forwrd to hearing from all of you :D
Lisa B
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First IVF cycle Mar/Apr 06 - BFP!! DD born December 2006.
Left tube removed 2007
Ectopic Pregancy naturally in June 2008
Right tube removed 2009
Round 2 IVF - Oct/Nov 2010 - BFP!!!
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