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Ivf in Barbados February

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Ivf in Barbados February

Postby amber3729 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:20 pm

Hello.. I am new to this IVF and this board. I have a long story.. I had my tubes tied in 2002.. I want to north carolina and had them reversed july 2008, and was left with one tube only 2.0 cm long. I did get pregnant Sept 09, it ended up being ectopic and ruptured my remaining tube, which was removed at that time. 20 days later they found there was another ectopic in utero.. barely through the tube, not Viable. that resulted in another surgery. Now I am fertile, my Husband is also, we are going to try our first IVF. We are going to barbados for 2 weeks to do this. I am waiting to start my cycle so I can begin all medications etc...

I would appreciate any advice on anything IVF..

Thank you
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