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Postby Lauren1171 » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:59 am

I am new to message boards. I had my 1st (failed) IVF in January and I am about to begin my 2nd round of meds in Feb. I also did 3 IUI cycles as well. I have unexplained infertility. On my 1st IVF cycle I did 450 Gonal-F for 3 nights and then 600 Gonal-F for another 9 nights. Everyone I know did 75 to 150 per night! This time my RE is starting me at 450 Gonal mixed with 150 of Menopur. After my 1st retreival I said I would never do it again. But I guess I forgot the pain since I am trying again. We are hoping to get some frozen embryos this time as well. Anyone else take meds this high? Or doing Feb IVF cycle? Also the period after the failed IVF is a nightmare no one warned me about lol! :)
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