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New to all of this

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New to all of this

Postby Julia19 » Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:24 am

Hey Everyone
My name is Julia and I am 26 years old. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 1 year. Today I had a Lapraoscopy and it was found that, like many of you, I am only able to get pregnant using IVF. I am having a very hard time with this. I could really use some encouragement. Have any of you been successful? What can I expect? And more importantly do any of you have any suggestions on how to help my husband. He too is concerned and I know that he is trying to be positive. What are some things that helped your husbands?

Thank you all.
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Re: New to all of this

Postby angelaezra » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:00 am

Hello Julia,

First of all, I want to say welcome and you have come to the right place. Your DH might even want to join in on the chats as we have husbands on here also. Yes, there have been several women on this site who have been successful w/ IVF and you can be one also. My suggestion would be to read a lot of the info on this site titled infertility and IVF & ICSI or any other topics that will give you a general idea of your future IVF cycles (include your husband so you can both learn together). IVF is a lot to take in but there are so many couples who are in the same position as you and your husband. You might want to move over to the IVF topic board also because that is where most of the participants are located. Feel free to send me a private message (PM) located after you click on my board name anytime for specific questions.

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