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3rd Cycle - Any Advice - New to Forum

Postby Little Linda » Wed May 12, 2010 6:38 pm

Hi Everybody
My name is Linda i am 40 in October my husband is 37, we have had 2 previous IVF cycles the 1st resulted in a BFN April 2009. The 2nd IVF in June 2009 resulted in a Grade 2 Morula and a Grade 1 compacting embryo the result was a BFP but had a MC at 9 weeks.

We decided to have a brake and start again in March 2010 before the new costs came out. We started Menopur injections on the 5th May carrying on with the Buserelin injections also, we had our 2nd scan to check follies today, out of 13 only 5 are growing the shortest was 11mm and the longest was 14mm which i am very diapointed about, in me previous 2 IVF cycles i produced over 10 follies on each.

My lining is 10mm which is good says my nurse, we have been given another 2 days worth of Menopur injections and have a 3rd scan on Friday, it looks like egg collection will be on Monday 17th May and i want a blast transfer 5 day if possible.

I just wondered if any body has had similar to me with reference to the amount of folicals, i know they say its quality that counts and not quantity, i have followed every rule in the book organic fruit and veg,grapefruit juice,acupunture you name it ive done it over the past 7 months hoping to get a result of lots and lots of growing folicals, so i feel so down in the dumps after my scan this afternoon. Is any body else having collection and transfer next week? ;-)
Little Linda
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