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New here and to fertility treatments

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New here and to fertility treatments

Postby PA_FA » Wed May 19, 2010 3:46 am

So I have never posted before but I have read a lot. So here goes....I have been TTC for over 10 years. (A couple of years with my ex hubby and the rest with my husband now) Every Dr I ever went to told me that there was nothing worng and to just keep trying..I was young. Well, now I'm not so young (34) and I found out last year that I have PCOS and endomitriosis. That explained why I NEVER had periods. (Maybe 2-3 a year)
This is the first month of a fertility cycle. We were going to do clomid followed by IUI. I did my 5 days of clomid and went in on day 11 for a sono. Only one folicle developing at 11x8mm. Went back to the Dr today and he said it was 12x8. UGH It only grew 1mm in 3 days!!! So he gave me the options of canceling the cycle or converting the cycle to IVM. My question is...has anyone ever done IVM? Know anyone who has done IVM? Sucess stories? I'm really hopeful but really scared.
Thanks for any input. :)
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