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FET on 8/4 2 to be transferred

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FET on 8/4 2 to be transferred

Postby myjourney911 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:21 pm

Me 34 yo
DH: 42 (41 at time of IVF)
3 Failed IUIs
2 IVFs
July '10 IVF-1 pregnancy after IVF- miscarrage after 11 weeks
March '11 IVF: 2 day 3 embryos for transfer: Beta Negative

Scheduled for 8/4/10 FET: 2 embryos

It's been nice having a break for the past couple of months from all the shots. I wanted to get my snowbabies place before the summer ends. I unfortunately was thinking that if we go in August we'll still have time to do another round of IVF if we don't have a pregnancy before the end of the year. Trying to stay positve but not get my hopes up too much. (If that makes sense)

I recently had a girlfriend with her 1st IVF 2 embryos transferred and 2 heart beats recently. She's had a miscarriage before without and her pregnancy was without IVF so keeping optimistic for her.
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