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New to Boards/1st Time IVF

Postby MrsIVFinNYC » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:07 pm

Hello Ladies,

I was writing as a way to gain moral support from other women going through the same process as myself...I'm 29 and from NYC...My husband and I have been together for 4 years and have been married 2 in November. We finally decided to start a family but along the way we ran into problems...We found out that I have PCOS and he has severe male infertility so we had no choice but to do IVF.
I'm on Day 5 of 175 Follistim. I haven't started any other drugs but my Nurse told me that I'll probably be starting Menopur tomorrow. Yesterday when I went into the doctor he said it looked as if things were going well. He say 6 follicles growing on the left ovary and 8 on the right so I'm hoping I'm on the right track!.
So, all of my other ladies doing IVF...How are things going? How is your process? I'm just hoping to get to know some of the ladies on here!
7/19: Start 175 Follistim
7/22: 175 Follistim
1 vial of Menopur
1 Ganirelix
7/24: 2 Ovidrel
7/26: 18 eggs retrieved, 10 ICSI, 8 fertilized
7/31: ET; 2 lovely blasts
8/9: 1st Beta; 63.5
8/9: 2nd Beta; 200
8/20: 1st U/S
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Re: New to Boards/1st Time IVF

Postby JA2JB » Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:19 pm


I'm old to IVF, but I'm not a heavy poster on any message boards. I wish you the best of luck in your journey. My husband and I were told that we would probably need IVF in our second year of marriage, but we stubbornly kept trying for a few more years because I was so nervous about it. It's good that you are moving forward.

For me, the process was draining, but well worth it eventually. After a FET, we had our beautiful little girl. The drugs made me emotional (and I'm not an emotional person AT ALL), so that was hard to deal with. I have a friend who had no reactions to the drugs, and we had the same protocol. I'm planning to do a final FET late this summer, and my insurance will cover one more IVF if that doesn't work.

Find someone to lean on during this process and stay positive. For me, it sometimes felt like I had so little control over what was going on, so I had to learn to let go. Just try to take good care of yourself (mentally and physically), and again, good luck to you.
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