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Postby ShellO » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:10 pm

Hi Everyone, I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU :D I feel so alone in this craziness!!! I have so much support but no one can understand the emotions the fear and everything else that comes along!! I am 37 and 13 years ago I had my tubes tied after 2 wonderful boys. I have now been married 3 years to an amazing man and we want to have a baby. We tried over a year ago in May of 2008 to Tubal reversal with no luck. We then looked into IVF and here we are. Now lets just say I am excited and freaked all in the same breath, First I just sent my Baby who is 18 to College and I have a 13 year who just started the 8th grade and NOW I AM STARTING OVER and I am 37!!!! But to do this with such an incredible man who does not have children of his own is beyond rewarding!! We started Shots on the 24th I went into the doctors today and my eggs are in the 9 to 12 range (i guess that is there size) he said he wants them in the 18 range so we think retrieval will be on Wednesday of next week. I am happy to have found this forum to see what If what i am going through is normal and to have a place to vent :D
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Re: New to Forum New to IVF

Postby kynlee » Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:09 am

HI Shelley..
I am new to the ivf world too, it is so nice to find people on here and hear there stories and get there support through everything....

Hope your retrieval went well... I got 14 frosties waiting for me since I had my retrieval I couldnt get a fresh transfer cause I got hyper stim so I just started my new med and go in for a u/s Monday to see if I am ready for my 1st transfer.... I am really excited...

Hope all is well keep me posted :)
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