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Glad to be here...

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Glad to be here...

Postby Sunshine1576 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:02 pm

Patience, denial and endurance are probably the best words to describe me... DH and I married in 8/99 and decided to get off bc in 2003--Only if we had known! So we actively started to seek help in 2008 and met with the best well-known OBGYN in my little town. He asked since we were new to the clinic, to try naturally for a year and then he would begin extensive treatment. Nothing was happening so we had the dye-test done in November to come back normal. Overall we did 9 rounds of Clomid. Come to find out Clomid wasn't what we needed. Next was the IUI, but came back negative. Took February off from the labs and tried Robitussin on my own, (but very little), thinking it might help break up the mucus for the swimmers to reach the egg a little easier. Well we got pregnant for the first time ever.. nine weeks later no vital heartbeat and we miscarried. The doctor scheduled us a D&C the very next day, Fri., April 30, 2010. Telling everyone we lost the baby was the hardest thing and the longest time I wouldn't talk about it. I blamed myself while my husband blamed it on his fragmentation. To this day,...I hear him saying, "I bet HE has a good thyroid!" lol

It has been a tough journey, and none of family know we are undergoing IVF but I don't need the pressure. The injections were scary and I screamed the very first time as my dh learned he must inject Lupron in slowly. Found the icepack to really help ease the sting. We also had fun figuring how to mix the 2 vials together with the qcap, but I learned that it's easier to use the Qcap than the needle when mixing and drawing the med up into the syringe.

We found out we had 13 embies retrieved and from that 7 were fertilized; 2 made it to blastocyst and were transferred yesterday. I was disappointed that we weren't able to freeze any of the remaining embies, but I found ours were too mature to freeze, usually day 5 embies are harder to freeze than day 3, but we want the best of the best,right? So next we play the waiting game. Bloodtest next Wednesday, the 13th and then go back on Friday to see if the numbers increase. Dentist just called me to come in tomorrow but I cancelled it, since I'm trying to follow doctor's orders of bedrest for 28 hours, I might make it for one day in bed...lol
More than anything, I'm thankful to have a support group to share with.
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