how many day should i wait to take a hpt?

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how many day should i wait to take a hpt?

Post by Lydialushaj » Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:46 am

Hi everyone i just had a ivf transfer last tues took a hpt with a negative result on day eight what are my chances that its to soon and might be wrong??????? This is a second if and i am sooo stressed out about it!!!!!! Please help!

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Re: how many day should i wait to take a hpt?

Post by margi26 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:28 pm

Just wanted to check in and see how all turned out. Sorry no one responded to your question. Generally 7dpo (or 4 days past 3 day transfer) is the very earliest I have heard of a positive on HPT. It is pretty rare, but can happen. Typically, +s start to show closer to 11dpo, but for many they don't show until 13-15dpo. At the time you wrote this you were 8dp--?3dt? so 11 dpo? It also depends on the sensitivity of the test you use. Some can detect lower levels of HCG in your urine than others. That is why the blood tests are given as they are more accurate and can give you a qualitative result.

Best of luck!! I hope that you are happily pregnant at the time you read this! :D
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