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"new here" need advice please

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"new here" need advice please

Postby jackielouise » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:35 pm

hi everyone I'm currently going through my second attempt of IVF, i have got 1 day left of my 2ww. I had 2 3day embies transferred 12 days ago. I did my first hpt that the hospital gave me yesterday morning and I got BFP I could not believe my eyes, I went and got 2 more immediately and did one straight away which was a very faint BFP, and did the other one first thing this morning and again its was BFP a. I wanted to shout from the roof tops I was that excited. I contacted the hospital this morning just to see what they thought and they were not very informative, they said they can not tell me anything until I do the test on the day they said which is tomorrow. I am now so deflated, I need to know if it is possible that these BFP's could be wrong help me please as I'm pulling my hair out here. xxx
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Re: 2nd ivf cycle and new to the board and need advice

Postby Waitingkay » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:46 pm

Hi Jackielouise!

If you want, join us in Introduction, thread "New" started by user name "Trusting". Normally HPTs so early are not AS strong indicator as a blood work because of a number of reasons which explain while your clinic was a bit careful to immediately congratulate you. First of all, obviously the fact 3 HPTs DID come out positive is definitely a VERY good sign, but the reasons I think one should wait for the blood work is that If you took trigger shots right before your ER than traces of HCG may still give false positive at an early stage.
After saying all that and not wanting to raise expectations, I do so much want to congratulate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blood work will prolly confirm that you really really are preggo, giving all of us hope which we so desperately need! Do join us.

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Re: "new here" need advice please

Postby jackielouise » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:50 pm

thankyou so much for your reply kay, and i understand that it may still be too early, i just needed to ask as it is driving me mad. i have had fertility problems for about 10 year and this is the first time iv ever had a bfp, i just hope it sticks. thanks again for replying and good luck for you too xx
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