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Getting ready for my 1st IVF with a 20% of it working

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Getting ready for my 1st IVF with a 20% of it working

Postby jacobs » Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:54 pm

I had my first visit for my IVF today. The doctor said my chances of conceiving is 20% because of my age(36) and the remaining eggs I have, plus the losses I had in the past. Is 20% normal?? Has your doctor giving you a success rate?? I'm really nervous since we can't afford another IVF and might not have any reserve eggs after this IVF.

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Re: Getting ready for my 1st IVF with a 20% of it working

Postby Waitingkay » Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:25 am

Hi Jacobs,

I would rarely answer so determinately about something which is just an opinion, but I think what the doc told you is ridiculous. Pregnancy either for ppl with explained or unexplained infertility can either occur or never, for so many different number of reasons that it NEVER is possible to actually give percentage of chance. I think once you know in theory you could - even if chances are low (yet percentage-free), you should go for it and give it a try. But then if you only are trying that one time, try with someone who believes it's really possible and can accept a failure but not aim for it. Saying 20% is prolly just the doc's way of guarding himself from making you feel like he's promising anything. Basically, nobody KNOWS for sure she has better chances than 20%. Again, even ppl with no detectable problems can't conceive/ Cary successfully many times. Impossible to give it accuracy in numbers. What you can give it is strong positive attitude of your own. Besides. Your age, even for a first pregnancy is not so advanced! They put a barrier at 35, but not only is it rather individual (meaning not all 36 are as old as one another even physiologically speaking), but also many times it affects 36-ers differently. Like some women may have more tendency for chromosomal defects, other may have less egg reserve or have greater percentage of miscarriages. Others can conceive from the smell of their husband and carry viably. Thing is, you are you! You don't have to belong to groups of numbers.
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