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Valium post transfer

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Valium post transfer

Postby azmomofteen » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:50 am

Hi there,
I'm new to the forum. I have a teenage daughter and starting all over again. Could be part of my husband's midlife crisis but we are VERY excited. I've already been through all the hormone injections, pills, retrieval, and just had the transfer yesterday. I really came on here for some advice. I am freaking out! My husband offered two of his distant family members, that I have never met, to stay the night at our house and they showed up after dark. Long story short, I was having high anxiety about strangers in my home and took a 10mg Valium before laying down. When I told my husband what I had taken he freaked out and said that it was extremely bad for pregnant women. I did not know that at all and only took it because I "assumed" it was okay since they gave me valium yesterday for the transfer. I won't even know if I'm pregnant for at least 10 days. I won't EVER take it again! I just want to know if this one time will have an effect on the progress, etc. I am so scared.
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