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Hi! Anyone in for BFC April IVF (2012)?

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Hi! Anyone in for BFC April IVF (2012)?

Postby bajanebaby » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:47 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping to find a IVF chat buddy for our journey in April :)

I'll be traveling from Canada to Barbados for my 2nd IVF at BFC in April 2012.

I also had a failed IVF in Canada previously, and 7 failed IUI's. After 5 years at a cattle calling fertility clinic in Toronto, under the apparent care of the BEST (ya.) immune reproduction dr... and someone not "listening" to me ask - do you think it has anything to do with my immune system?, with an resounding nope, and answer of "my protocal" works on many woman, so I'm not going to change it - this is a numbers game". ARGHHHH I wasn't evaluated on my body, immune system or anything - same protocal 9 times - I feel like it was my fault for trusting my family Dr and my Rhumatologist that put me in his care. I was afraid to take fertility into my own hands and try " someone new". But finally, we did! My family is from barbados - and Dr Skinner had high recommendations!

Dr. Skinner in Barbados discovered elevated TH1 & TH2 levels due to my arthritis (Ankylosing Spondolitis) and I have started HUMIRA (a biologic immune suppressor) in attempts to control my overactive immune system. Last IVF we also tried intralipids - a mix of soya-bean oil, egg yolk, glycerine and water - fun bag of milky white fluids administered by intravenous!

WELL- it was so wonderful that even after our failed and "final" IVF attempt in Barbados - I was disappointed we'd reached the end of our journey - little did I know it was only just beginning again with Dr. Skinners clever mind at work - something to her did not make sense with me on paper... so she asked to dig deeper.. I figured why not humour her... if only to get a possible answer to our "unexplained" diagnosis. A simple blood test sent to Chicago quickly proved higher then normal TH1 and TH2 levels - a clear sign my own immune system was out of wack, & working hard at over producing NK cells....attacking my own body, or anything else it deemed alien!

So here we go again... with the suggestion of HUMIRA, my Rheumatologist in Toronto has been instrumental on getting me on a HUMIRA regime... and while I worry I am now 40 (ugh lol) at least we have a reason we never had before - 6 years later - now I think "its a numbers game" but I'm going to play or I can't win :) So with the odds of age against me, but a clearer insight as to the reason and possible solution - I feel my body, if the timings right should be ready to welcome an egg transfer and not bully it :) Bajan Baby - here we come!!!!

Everyone at the Barbados Fertility Clinic were the beset of the best - you couldn't ask for a more relaxing clinic and the feeling that not only was the entire staff competent - that you as a person and you and your partner (my Hubby) as a couple we important and the utmost care and thought went into your visits and treatments. I can't wait to try IVF again... I never thought I'd say that :)
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Re: Hi! Anyone in for BFC April IVF (2012)?

Postby margi26 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:55 pm

Welcome!! wow...what a long journey you have been on. I want to congratulate you on your perseverance! Anything *worth* having is *worth* working for!

I am now, finally, on "the other side" as a new parent of twins, but as an older (gasp!) woman I wanted to give you hope and encouragement and recommend that you go over to the IVF "board" and join the ladies on the "Cycling on 2012" thread.

I went through my first few cycles without any support other than my DH (dear husband). After my m/c, July 2010 I was about to throw in the towel and completely give up. If it weren't for the wonderful, smart, strong, and supportive women on this board, I really would have. Instead, I am here writing this with one of my gorgeous bundles of pure joy sleeping peacefully on my lap. :D Cycling with others provides immediate support and encouragement with women that really understand what you are going through. Some women are on their first cycle and totally scared, other women are on their 6th or greater cycle. You all rejoice together with one another's successes and cry with disappointments.

Best of luck to you!!! Feel free to PM me if you would like, but I really think you will find all that you need over on the Cycling thread...women like Leora, Sunshine, Maria, Lydia, etc will all give you great support and information. You will also likely find other women with similar immune issues and might get some valuable information about how they are handling it.

Take care and keep up the PMA!! (positive mental attitude!)
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Re: Hi! Anyone in for BFC April IVF (2012)?

Postby bajanebaby » Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:04 am

Thanks Margi26!

I really appreciate your comments! And congrats on you 2 bundles of joy! Incredible. I am also comforted by your age funny as that sounds - I feel like an older woman for sure now... and if this cycle in April works - will be 41 with our 1st child - we wanted 6 in the early days - we then thought 3 would be a better decision, who knew we'd struggle to get even 1.
I'll see if I can introduce myself to the IVF board - thanks!!!
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