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Hello from California (US) - from a Man|Husband

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Hello from California (US) - from a Man|Husband

Postby Twintrons » Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:34 pm

Hello IVF community, my name is Joshua Cintron. I stumbledupon this site, literally, through searching the web. My goal for joining is simple, to help in any way possible, yearning parents along the IVF journey.

Having began this ride in 2005, I understand (from a husband's perspective) the pains of IVF. All too often, my wife fell into deep bouts of depression, where I could do nothing to save her. Men|husbands are the silent partners and so, I've made it a point in my life to give back to other men and women, what I learned along the way.

If my words and help give just one person the encouragement and inspiration to keep going, than I've done my job. I look forward to communicating with like-minded parents and yearning parents.


(Me) M|34, (Wife) F|35
Infertility begins Aug 2005
IVF #1 - BFN Apr 2010
IVF #2 - BFN Aug 2010
IVF #3 - BFP w/Gestational Carrier | twin boy|girl | Jul 2011
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