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2WW May 2013 Cycles

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2WW May 2013 Cycles

Postby MyLove » Sat May 18, 2013 5:56 pm

Failed 1st marriage, 4 wonderful children, 4 pregnancies successful. Wonderful new husband and father to stepchildren, adopting 15 and 8 yr olds. Tubaligation by cauterization, tubes too damaged. Wanted more children and now that I have a wonderful man to have more with, we have had one failed IVF attempt. Really anxious and nervous concerning 2nd round of IVF. No reasons as to why 1st attempt failed. AMH 1.72, egg quality of 25 yr old. I believe my age has something to do with it. Even though I have four children and feel blessed, my husband and I want more, even if it's just one. I hope this doesn't sound selfish. The 1st failed attempt kept me at an all time low. I'm trying to remain positive, but it is still difficult. I'm luckier than most, because I have a sister that has no children and I know a lot of women on here have no children either and my heart aches for them all. However, IVF to me is an emotional roller coaster and nerve racking. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Me 39 cauterized tubes 4 children 23G,20B,15G,8B
DH 36 flucuating sperm count

#1 08/2012

08/17 Trigger
08/19 ER 17 Fert 3 (8cell, 4cell, 3cell)
08/22 ET 3, 3dpt
08/31 HPT BFN
09/01 Beta BFN

Meds; repronex, gonalF, trigger, then progesterone after ET by IM

#2 05/2013

05/12 Trigger
05/14 ER 9, 5 Fert ICSI, 3 remaining
05/17 ET 3 (2 8cell, 1 4 cell)
05/31 Beta scheduled

Meds; 05/03-05/04 (Follistim 2mL IM, HMG 3mL IM) 05/05 HMG 2xdaily 2mL IM, 05/06-05/11 (Cetritide 1mL subQ & HMG 2mL in am & 2mL HMG pm), 05/12 (2mL HMG, Cetritide 1mL am then Novarel trigger 10pm), 05/14-05/17 (Doxycycline 100mg 2xdaily & Progesterone 1mL IM), 05/15-05/20 Medrol pack, 05-15-05/06/13 Estradial 2mg, 05/15-05/31 Progesterone 1mL IM & Progesterone suppositories.
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