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New to IVF, lots of questions

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New to IVF, lots of questions

Postby Shaunnaemery » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:26 pm

Hi everyone,
Here is a quick run through of my situation:
I am living in the UK so would appreciate replies from other UK residents!
I'm only 23 and my DH is 25. We have been together nearly 6 years and it wasn't long after getting together that we knew we would want children. After a year I came off contraception with the attitude of "when it happens, it happens".
I had spent many years trying NOT to get pregnant that I never thought I'd have a problem conceiving.
After about 4 years when nothing happened we decided to consciously start trying for a baby and again, after a year nothing happened. I went to the doctors and we had lots of tests and it turns out that after radiotherapy treatment my DH had he has a very low sperm count and was told we could not conceive naturally and IVF was our only hope.
Long story short, we have our first consultation for IVF in a month and I really don't know what to expect or what we'll discuss!
If anyone can remember the things that they spoke about I would be so grateful if you could share!

Love Shaunna x
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