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New and Excited! *question about menstrual cycle*

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New and Excited! *question about menstrual cycle*

Postby sjp0725 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:33 am

Well, I feel a little bad because my story isn't like most here. I am here because I had a tubal ligation 6 years ago and now we are regretting it. Tubal reversal isn't a viable option due to the way they were done so here we are on the IVF route. I had my initial consult today and as soon as my AF starts I am going in for my panel of blood tests and saline ultrasound. My husband is getting his infectious disease test and "specimen" done next week. I am excited but a little unsure what to expect. I have 3 children already and back then pregnancy came so easily so to fight tooth and nail definitely makes you appreciate it so much more!

My big question is... is there a way to jump start my period?! My period is 16 days late (No, I am not pregnant lol). I am trying some home remedies (aspirin, vitamin C, iron, celery, etc.) but didn't know if there was a better way. My periods are usually regular but I lost 15 lbs last month so its caused my period to be all weird! I need it to start so I can get these panels and the ultrasound done so I can move onto the next step in the IVF process.

Question though, from start until they implant the embryo, how long is it?
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